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 " Dr. satar removed my cataract in Jul. I have an excellent result , with 20/20 vision.the entire process before, during and after surgery was skillfully done, with no pain or problems.I'm very pleased with the outcome"                                                                                                                                                                                                           Dr. John Lantz M.D   Ophthalmologist   Olney IL
 " I wish to commend Dr. Wagih Satar, Ophthalmologist, and his office staff and the Surgical Services staff at Carle Richland Memorial Hospital for the courteous and professional services I received during my recent, outpatient cataract surgeries. During each visit, one for my left eye and one for my right eye, I received excellent treatment. From my initial visit to my Optometrist, Dr. DeShon, where the cataracts were identified, through my subsequent surgeries and my recoveries, the experience was positive. I have had surgery at a larger center when the necessary surgery wasn’t available at RMH/CRMH, but receiving services of high quality in my home town with no long drive afterward was most appreciated."
                                          Harvey Pettry    Former CEO of Richland Memorial Hospital Olney IL
 "Dr satar performed cataract surgery on both my left and right eye in the recent months. the surgery went extreamly well, and I was quite impressed with Dr. satar and his staff as well as the staff at GGH"                                                                           Jerry Stillewll    Princeton, IN
Jerry Stillewell attorney Princeton IN
"I recently had cataract surgery at LCMH by Dr. satar.from chittick optical. it was proffesionally done with awsome results"                                                    Sarah Brian   Lawrenceville, IL    
"We were impressed with his presentation.He seemed to be relaxed with the audiance. Was obviously knowledgeable"                                                                 Ken Ellis  Rockville, IN     
Ken Ellis Rockville IN
"any one who is going to have cataract surgery, I'd definitely say they should go that method - referring to the dropless procedure - It's much easier. "        Darlene Sartore   Princeton, IN
"I was really happy with what he did. he did a very good job and I was very pleased. I can see wonderfully now."                                                                           Steve Pauly   Princeton, IN

                            .اريد ان اشكر الرب اولا والدكتور وجيه عبد الستار علي نجاح عمليتي لالمياه البيضاء لعيني اليسري واليمني التي أجراهما لي الدكتور عبد الستار"

لقد تمت العمليتين بسلامه وبدون أيه مضاعفات وأصبحت اري بوضوح اكثر واميز الألوان أفضل. بالاضافة الي مهارته في تخصصه يمتاز الدكتور عبد الستار بطيب الخلق وحسن المعامله والاهتمام بالمريض والاستماع الي أيه أساله. وقد سهل من التعامل معه اننا نستطيع ان نتكلم نفس الغه. انصح من يريد ان تجري له عمليه المياه البيضاء ان يذهب الي الدكتور وجيه عبد الستار بالعناية به. "                                                                                                                                                    الدكتوره شاديه الجاولي                                                     Dr. 

Shadia El Gawli M.D. Internal medicine   Lawrenceville, ILL
Dr. Satar erklaerte den Eingriff sehr genau. Innerhalb einem Monat hatte ich die Cataracts an beiden Augen entfernt. Ich sehe einmalig gut und habe Dr. Satar schon weiter empfohlen. Ich habe die tropfenlose Operation gewaehlt und ich bin masslos erfreut dass ich so gut sehen kann - 20/20!                                                   Christel Butrum   Bicknell, IN

“Based on my years of experience and trust in Dr. Andy Farber, I was referred to Dr, Satar

for removal of my cataracts and intraocular lens implants. While my expectations were

high for these procedures, I must say that the outcomes exceeded any I may have had.

Dr, Satar was an excellent educator to me and my wife, Lana, and detailed the process

fully on our first visit in an organized and orderly way with a confidant and assuring manner. His choice of venue for the procedure was “spot on” and the results were immediately apparent. With minimal restrictions, I was back to work the next morning with dramatic improvement in my vision such as I only use “readers” from one of the dollar stores for about an hour a day for close up work although I had worn contact lenses or prescription eyewear for 59 years at all times. Although it would be difficult to prescribe he total experience of my surgery from Dr. Satar at the recommendation of Dr. Farber in one word, I am challenged to make a selection between the words “outstanding” or “astounding”. To simplify this, I think “happy” would be the way to sum up the results very clearly”.                                                                                                                                         Dr. Iving Haber, D.O. Terre Haute, IN                                              

Dr Haber.jpg

“Due to an unfortunate set of circumstances, I needed cataract surgery. I feel fortunate that Dr. Satar was my Doctor. His extensive experience, reassuring manner, his ability to explain procedures in the simplest terms, and the excellent results after the surgery and post op care were so important on my recovery that I would recommend Dr.Satar to family and friends without hesitation.”                                                                                                                                                                                            Dr. Antonio Rodriguez, M.D. Olney, IL                                              

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