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Do you always think your glasess are dirty but cleaning does not help?

How Do I know a cataract is developing?

  • Hazy & blurry vision\

  • Double vision at times

  • Glare in the sunlight

  • Haloes might surround light making night driving difficult

  • faded colores

Could it be a cataract?

What is a Cataract ?

A cataract is cloudining of the natural lens of the eye.

  • Age

  • Heridity or Birth defects

  • Certain Diseases like DIABETES

  • Certain medications like STEROIDS

  • Ultra violet & Infra red radiations

  • Smoking

  • Injury

What Causes Cataracts

Dense Mature Cataracts

A comperhensive eye exam at the office
in a comfortable environmentand with compationate experienced staff 
Full explanation of your treatment
options with the risks and benefits
The  cloudy lens of the eye is gently replaced with a clear artificial  intra ocular  lens implant

Cataract Surgery


The Day Of Cataract Surgery

  • You arrive at the out patient area of the facility at a designated time and register

  • You will then be escorted to the pre op area where you would be prepared forsurgery

  • Then to the operating room. The procedure takes about ten minutes most of the time. You will be sedated for comfort

  • After surgery you will be taken to the recovery area , monitored and released home

Q    When should I be at the facility the day of surgery?

A    The facility would notify you a day or two prior to your surgery

Q    Can I take my medications the day of surgery?

A    You should take the medications the morning of surgery with a sip of water unless instructed by our office otherwise.

Q   Can I take my insulin for Diabetes the morning of surgery?

A    You should take 1/2 the dose of insulin the morning of surgery and bring your insulin with you to the facility.

Q    Will I have pain during surgery?

A    You will be given sedation during surgery. Almost all patients have no pain during surgery.

Q    How long should I expect to be at the facility?

A    1 1/2 TO 3 Hours

Q    How long does the surgery take?

A    Less than ten minutes most of the time.

Q    When would I see the doctor after surgery?

A    The nurse would give you detailed instructions after surgery together with an appointment for follow up.   

Q    Do I have any restrictions after cataract surgery?

A    Modern cataract surgery allows for minimal restrictions. You would be instructed by the nurse upon discharge.

Questions & Answers

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